Branding is a marketing practice by which the company name and logo is remembered by the customers. The branding process is the communication of a unique selling proposition or differential, that sets a product or service apart from the competition. Examples of Branding included the use of logos, Taglines, Jingles or mascots

Four Steps to Build a successful brand

  • Define how you want to be remembered by the customers.
  • Organize your business based on this promise.
  • Communicate your promise.
  • Be Consistent

Different Types of Branding Strategies

  1. Company Name Branding
  2. Individual Branding
  3. Attitude Branding
  4. Brand Extension Branding
  5. Private-Lable Branding

What is the purpose of Branding?

What is branding? A brand is not a logo. A brand is not a product. A brand is not a promise. A brand is not the sum of all the impressions it makes on an audience. A brand is a result–it’s a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or company. It’s in their heads and in their hearts. A brand is your reputation.